Kabir Singh is a Voice Actor, Poet & Philosopher. Owner of KabirsVoice, Inc – Kabir operates a fully equipped professional voice over studio in Los Angeles, CA. His Clients include some of the worlds biggest brands (Nike, Pandora, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Nintendo, LG)

Kabir is The Voice of: T-Mobile (Telephony/Customer Service), Nintendo Switch, Astro’s & Kansas City Chiefs.

Creating weekly motivational/inspirational videos on IG ⭐@kabirsvoice⭐ #kabirsvoice for all of Kabir’s creative projects. With Thousands of Facebook followers, Kabir is a rising creative social influencer.

Keep up with the latest in content by subscribing to Kabir’s Youtube Channel at: ⭐ youtube.com/kabirsvoice⭐

AND Subscribe to the Podcast on ALL platforms:⭐@kabirsvoice⭐

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